Brussels: The ESM is the new European dictator. Whenever it wants, and as often as it wants, it can simply request the euro countries to pay billions of Euros within 7 days. They can ruin any government within a week!!!


IT: MES il nuovo dittatore Europeo.
NL: ESM, de nieuwe Europese dictator.
EN: ESM, the new European dictator.
FR: MES, le nouveau dictateur européen.
ES: El MEE, el nuevo dictador de Europa.
СМ, новият европейски диктатор...
PT: MEE, o novo ditador europeu.
SOURCE:  http://www.youtube.com/user/courtfoolnet
Source Peter Verhaar: The official language of the report (pdf) is in fact rather non-committal, "We invite ..."," We welcome ...". I miss words like: "we will enforce" or "we demand" when speaking about real reforms in Italy.
EURO SUMMIT STATEMENT  Brussels, 26 October 2011:
(pdf)  http://www.consilium.europa.eu/uedocs/cms_Data/docs/pressdata/en/ec/125644.pdf

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Germany: MEDIA CENSORSHIP: German Federal Chancellor Merkel Creator forbids Jurnalisten tell the truth.

Germany is free of intelligence.
Chancellor Merkel sees again stability of the Euro.
 German Chancellor Angela  Merkel is on top, of their €- game.
After a turbulent, chaotic weeks is Europe saved for the time being,

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Germany: Charming-offensive: German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has a YouTube channel. Ask the German Chancellor!

October 2011-Charming-Offensive: Die deutsche Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel (CDU) hat jetzt einen YouTube-Kanal. Fragen Sie die Deutsche Bundeskanzlerin!

October 2011- Trotz Schuldenkrise und Sparmassnahmen:  eine Milliarde mehr für Bundesbeamte. 

October 2011  - Despite debt crisis and austerity measures: one billion more for the German federal officials.
Brussel- 11119 EU officials earning more than 10,000 € a month, up to 22 000 € / month.

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel urges Europeans to save more!
BERLIN - August. 2011: The German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Friday has urged, that all Europeans must saving more!
It's time to show to all the Europeans, they now are "not willing to risk their future on the line to set up", by living beyond their means.
Residents of the European Union must also agree that Brussels supports the budget of weaker EU- countries, said Merkel at a party congress.

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