Spain cease against EU reforms, Europe becomes empty and poor.

Spain in fire. (source: Getty Images).

Yeah,  what the regular media will not report; 

Open borders, mobile banditry, international "doing business", almost all EU countries are almost bankrupt. But it is a resounding success hear the EU / Euro! It is fan-tas-tic, according EU-Brussel - parliament they say!!

Spanish workers did on Thursday the work laid down in protest against plans by the new Spanish EU- Conservative government for reforms in the labor market.
Because, thanks to the
EU- pinokkio -parliament of Plenty: the Spanish unemployment rate is now nearly 23 percent, among young people almost fifty percent.


The EU- pinokkio -parliament with 750 + seats. How can it be then 21-5 ?


The day that ACTA is being adopted, is the current internet as we know the past.

 Many people do not realize this. It will take too long to detail here to describe what the consequences are, however, the video explains it very well.

The ACTA trade agreement will not be submitted to the European Court of Justice. That is today decided by the European Parliament. With a vast majority (21 vs. 5) was voted against the proposal by the Committee for Trade.

As a result, is not that the European Court of Justice to ACTA will look, but the Euro Parliament.  Namely, The European Court had under the proposal should look at the fact, or ACTA will be held,  with the European regulations.
The vote will take place in June.


.Man of the contraceptive pil is deceased.

 The contraceptive pill was made in Oss.

OSS - Scientist Max de Winter is Thursday at the age of 91 deceased.

Winter is considered the main man behind the first successful oral contraceptive worldwide.
Before the chemist went to work at Organon, he barely survived World War II. Winter ended up in Auschwitz. The Nazi- Germans could use the chemist it for work in a factory of Siemens.

Mr. Winter should get have a statue in Italy on St- Peter's Square.

The baby boom generation, have a lot to thank to Mr. Winter, namely: SEX.
For the first time in history, people could have safe sex, without any time, and free by the thought of possible unwanted consequences
and fear.
HERO - Max de Winter! Rest in peace, you deserve it!

The contraceptive pill in the states.

Today in 2012 - Religious--right leaders whines again.
Now about the contraceptive pill.
The idea of Barack Obama, to make the pill, more accessible for US-people, bounces relegieus-right against the chest. It is even so bad that some religious leaders are willing to die (!)  For life. 

Meanwhile, Obama is again compared with Hitler. 

What is this a terrible confusion with history! namely, The Pill, came in late fifties in the United States as a new type pill, against menstrual disorders on the market. On the leaflet was listed, "with an adverse temporary infertility".


Netherlands wants her old Gulden (guilder) back

No idea whether, if our old, fair Dutch guilder, 

 the right solution is, but anyone who claims that the euro us what constituted, because there is not a   evidence: The fact, that for the euro money  a  "emergency fund" exists, it  would be enough to say,  we are staying stuck, with a currency that is obviously in distress.

Should the Netherlands or Germany go back to the Dutch Guilder or German Mark,  then the new ( old) currency the darling of the investors They will go buy our currency, buy and buy. Especially, there is a weak Euro-money against.

The EU-r connects Europe? No, the instability of the EU-r torn Europe.


Panic: Merkel and other conservatives: Boycott Hollande!

With fear to the heart, at the thought that Fran├žois Hollande this year the new French president. The socialist economy will break open the EU savings. 

Nicolas Sarkozy indulges in these days hardly a break. He is touring France staged as a maker and is the great savior of Europe. But it is for the 57-year-old bitterly: Despite all the efforts he is a good six weeks before the presidential election polls yet always on his re-tour.

Merkels  behavior  is not a democratic move, 

- this is due to their political mangelden Inteligenz. Moreover, She has no understanding of democracy. The German Chancellor is, for several months into an unusually manner,  for re-election of here EU friend, The French Sarkosy. She walks with him on French beaches. She performs with him on television. She is planning joint campaign appearances.

But The ball starts rolling. This gives a domino effect. Merkel is a political corpse, but let's not speak too soon. 


EU summit in Brussels: Even more billions on the bailout of Europe?

How long wants the German Chancellor Merkel of the pressure? 

The European Commission, Europe-zone countries and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Penetrate solid on an increase in the future Eur- money bailout ESM up to 750 billion Eur- money more.