Juncker family’s link to Nazi regime ! EU want punish non-listening Member States!

Merkel uses her dominant illegal BRD-position: EU must punish non-listening Member States!

URO menace Jean-Claude Juncker’s dad fought for Hitler in World War Two.
And his father-in-law was a Nazi sympathiser who persecuted Jews in his home

Juncker, 59, is tipped to be the European Commission’s new president.
But his plans for a bigger EU with less say for the UK have led to opposition
from David Cameron — and The Sun branding him the most dangerous man in Europe

Sources say the ex-Luxembourg PM’s demands stem from shame over his dad.
Steel worker Joseph was forced to join the German army and fight in Russia
from 1941. 

Juncker’s EU colleague Henri Grethen said: “The experience of his
father had a big impact. He doesn’t want the story repeated.”

Father-in-law Louis Mathias Frising — dad to Juncker’s wife of 35 years
Christiane — was a teacher in Ettelbruck, Luxembourg, when the Germans
invaded in 1940. 

Frising volunteered to be a Nazi propaganda chief while banning spoken French
in favour of German.

He was also responsible for enforcing a law which stripped Jews of their
rights and professions — the first stage of the Holocaust.

After the war Frising had his teaching licence revoked and set up a DIY shop.
He had two daughters before dying aged 89 in 2004.

A neighbour said: “I knew Louis for 30 years and had no idea he was a Nazi

He kept that quiet because presumably it would have been
politically damaging to Jean-Claude.” 

The Junckers live in a £2million mansion near Luxembourg City. His campaign
manager declined to comment. 


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